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In 2009, in order to strengthen France’s competitiveness, the French Government decided to finance a Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir (PIA), which is managed by the Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement (SGPI). It is within this framework that the SATTs (Société d’Accélération du Transfert Technologiques) were created, with research establishments and, therefore, the Government as shareholders.

SATTs have the status of a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) and have a split capital, with 67% for public research institutions and 33% for Bpifrance, representing the Government. The SATTs are endowed by the Government (via the PIA – FNV) with a quasi-equity contribution over 10 years, paid in 3 installments that are conditioned by various evaluation milestones.
Consequently, research institutions and organizations do not finance SATTs.

Their academic shareholders entrust SATTs with exclusive mandates and licenses for the commercialization of their research results. Institutions can also entrust them with additional activities such as managing partnership research (as is the case for Sayens with the University of Burgundy and AgroSup Dijon), or even incubation.

Thanks to Sayens, they have access to “de-risked” technologies to innovate, which favors building first-rate partnerships with researchers or research units. To be regularly informed of the latest innovations available, companies can work with Sayens through a customized scouting program. Sayens can also offer them tailor-made R&D services thanks to the know-how of research laboratories and access to university technical platforms.

Sayens provides a tailor-made response to companies in terms of innovation. Its status as a SATT offers them the best solutions in terms of know-how and technologies from universities and research centers in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Lorraine and South Champagne-Ardenne – Troyes. Several innovation paths are possible: ready-to-use technologies, tailor-made innovation programs (R&D, technology scouting, training) and co-maturation programs guaranteeing them access to state-of-the-art innovations.

In terms of support for partnership research, an activity carried out for the University of Burgundy and AgroSup Dijon, Sayens’ expert teams provide support in the search for partners, negotiation, and setting up and monitoring of the collaboration.

To carry out maturation (or co-maturation) programs, Sayens has investment capacities which are not made up of grants, budgets allocated to a laboratory or research project funding. The investment includes:

  • the protection of research results (patents, software, know-how,…) and the costs related to the maintenance of intellectual property assets,
  • the identification of target applications, markets and the realization of market studies,
  • the provision of resources necessary for the development of the technology (recruitment, subcontracting, materials and equipment dedicated to the project)
  • prospection and the search for commercial partners

Sayens supports them in their efforts to protect their research results. The SATT supports them in the development of their invention, pilots, at their side, the maturation phases, and accompanies them in the realization of demonstrators and prototypes for transfer purposes. Sayens also assists in the search for partners and negotiates technology licenses. In terms of support for partnership research, Sayens’ expert teams provide assistance in the search for partners, negotiation, set-up and follow-up of the collaboration.

As an SATT endowed by the Government and mandated by research institutions and organizations, Sayens supports researchers in their technology development projects, from the protection of their invention, to its maturation, to its transfer. Sayens also promotes the expertise and know-how of the Burgundy campus with a view to managing partnership R&D activities.

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