Sayens certified iso 9001 v2015,
to better meet your needs


The ISO 9001 standard is the evaluation standard for Quality Management Systems. This standard mainly defines guidelines for the management, organization and optimal operation of a company.

The main objective of our continuous improvement process is  to implement an efficient and appropriate Quality Management System within Sayens, and to guarantee a high level of efficiency in the management of Quality for our clients and partners.

Specificity of the Quality approach within Sayens

To meet this performance challenge, Sayens has developed :

  • a culture of scientific rigor at the service of customer orientation.
  • a methodology for listening to all our stakeholders to improve their satisfaction.
  • a simplifed documentation that allows the system to be agile without unnecessary complexity.
  • a multi-site coordination that ensures a global commitment to the quality approach.

Thanks to this method, our SATT is as close as possible to its stakeholders and can thus adapt and react quickly to changes in context and needs.

A Quality Management System for the long term

The renewal of our certification encourages us to continue with this improvement approach deployed in all our missions : improving the efficiency of our processes around the protection of inventions, technology maturation, and the transfer of know-how, knowledge and research results from our shareholders (public research institutions and organizations) to the socio-economic partners. We also continue to provide services and consultancy in research and development, in particular for the University of Burgundy and AgroSup Dijon.

Date of last update: July 2021

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