As a SATT (Société d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologie), Sayens facilitates the transfer of know-how and technologies from research establishments and organizations in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Lorraine and South Champagne-Ardenne (Troyes) to socio-economic markets.

Endowed by the French government and mandated by your institutions*, we can support you with your development and research collaboration projects.


Are you looking to protect your results?

Could your research be the subject of a technology transfer?

Do you need to study a market, find out about its outlets and find an industrial partner to operate your invention?

Are you looking to promote your expertise, identify funding opportunities and set up research collaborations?



Do you have
results to protect?

If you are a researcher, research professor or a staff member at a university, our Intellectual Property experts are at your disposal to help you protect your research results and inventions. We can advise you in complete confidentiality about the choice and implementation of the appropriate protection: filing patents, trademarks, designs or models; software protection, formalizing secret know-how, ….

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Research Director – Laboratoire LCPME (University of Lorraine / CNRS)

“Working with the SATT Sayens allows us to confront our research desires with the constraints imposed by economic or societal development. This confrontation can be fertile when it allows us to reformulate our projects to be closer to economic and societal needs without sacrificing our objects or our research methods…
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Do you want to protect your results?

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Do you have research work to develop?

We can help you set up a tailor-made development strategy, adapted to your invention and to the needs of the markets concerned.

You can also consult our Calls for Expression of Interest.

Our project managers will answer all your questions about technology transfer (setting up a maturation project, identifying promising markets, finding partners, etc.) and will also be able to:

  • help you finance your technology maturation and proof-of-concept projects with a view to transferring them to companies,
  • inform you about ways to develop your research work by setting up a company, in coordination with the reference and local incubators.

At your side, we can guide you in the development of a maturation program for your project, until the proof of concept is realized (prototype development, …). We can provide the necessary resources to help you in the technological development of your invention (human and material means).

Throughout the program, you will be supported by a SAYENS team dedicated to your project. Composed of specialists in law, intellectual property, marketing and business development, the team is headed by a project manager who ensures that the project runs smoothly (compliance with milestones, deadlines and quality of deliverables, coherent development strategy, etc.) and ensures that internal and/or external skills and expertise are mobilized.

The objective of the maturation program is to ensure the reliability of your scientific results on target applications and to secure the future transfer of your innovation, through a license, to an existing or future company (spin-off).

Development through the creation of spin-offs

Do you want to create a spin-off? We can guide you towards the incubation structures in which we are partners (Incubateur Lorrain, DECA BFC…) to establish your entrepreneurial roadmap and create a solid and coherent business plan.
We can guide you in the search for the future CEO of your spin-off and the construction of your team thanks to the Team-to-Market program and its dedicated business talent detection platform to successfully make your transition to the market.

To learn more, please visit our webinars and our articles and our information guide


Senior Lecturer | Agroecology Laboratory – University of Burgundy

“From the presentation of the results of our first experiments to the transfer of the EDMYC technology, we have been lucky to be accompanied, within SATT Sayens, by…”
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Do you want to develop your research?

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Are you a researcher at the University of Burgundy or AgroSup Dijon?

We are appointed by your institutions to support you in setting up and monitoring R&D programs and collaborations.

Do you want to set up a research collaboration or a CIFRE contract? Do you want to respond to a Call for Proposals?

We guide you in the different steps: identifying appropriate funding sources, establishing confidentiality agreements/NDAs, negotiating quotes, drafting contracts, etc.
At your side, we will monitor the project until its realization/delivery (monitoring milestones, deliverables, results presentation meetings, etc.).

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Discover our 3-step support



David FOFI

 Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director of Laboratoire ImVIA – University of Burgundy

“I have been working with Sayens for a few years on setting up and supporting a CIFRE thesis and its support contract. I particularly appreciated the advice we were given during the administrative procedures, negotiations with the company, and in developing the financial package…”
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SAYENS promotes your expertise… and your innovations!

We can identify the key players, potential uses, development prospects and most relevant commercial outlets for your invention. We can help you meet partners to set up your research collaborations or co-maturation programs in order to secure a technology transfer.
We can canvass the relevant industrialists for you, presenting them with your innovation and your expertise in an approach adapted to their needs and highlighting potential cooperations.

For the research laboratories and technological platforms at the University of Burgundy and Agrosup Dijon, we promote your expertise, know-how and means to companies looking for R&D solutions to meet their innovation needs.

To find out more, discover our webinars and our articles and our information guide

Marielle ADRIAN

Professor and Director of the IUVV – University of Burgundy

“The support of the Satt Sayens has become essential to the private partnership development of our research group and contributes, in fact, to its dynamics…”
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