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From business to public research, let’s catalyze innovation



As a SATT, Sayens simplifies and strengthens interactions between public research in its territory and companies.

We facilitate the transfer of know-how and technologies from our research institutions and shareholder organizations, to socio-economic markets.

With funding from the French government’s Programme Investissement d’Avenir, Sayens identifies and protects promising inventions, ensures the development of proof of concept within the framework of maturation, or co-maturation, programs with a company, and leads them, alongside the researchers, to the transfer to an existing company or within the framework of the creation of a start-up.

In addition to its technology transfer support missions for all the research teams within its perimeter, Sayens supports the University of Burgundy and AgroSup Dijon’s research teams in the development of their R&D cooperations and partnerships.



Our teams support you with protecting your research results (patents, software, know-how,…), their maturation via a dedicated program, identify the best partners likely to exploit your inventions within the framework of a licensing program.
We also help you to promote your expertise, identify funding opportunities and set up your research collaborations.

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By relying on its shareholders’ scientific expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, Sayens advises you and responds to your innovation needs, whether you need to acquire a technology, outsource your R&D, help you develop new products, or train your teams,…

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Sayens has a portfolio of nearly 400 state-of-the-art protected and de-risked technologies; a whole range of solutions to meet your needs for innovation, your investment projects or opportunities for entrepreneurs to create start-ups.

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